“Great Job, Kevin!”
    Kevin came out to snake our outside drains to prepare for a huge storm predicted. Heavy duty equipment was needed and he got it here and cleaned out the pipe leading to the street. There was lots of debris, roots and sand that Kevin pumped out of there. Thank you for saving us from being flooded. Kevin got along great with my 4 big dogs as well. Great job!
    - Ellen F.
    “I appreciated his calm and patient response to my questions and concerns.”
    Steve came to check out the gas water heater in my rental home, which had started leaking over the weekend. He was very thorough in providing photos and other corroborating information for the property management company that would make the ultimate decision on a replacement. He made sure that I was confident that the water heater had been safely secured until it could be replaced. I appreciated his calm and patient response to my questions and concerns.
    - Suzanne
    “Mike, James, all the family at Coast are like Family to me!”
    (Warning.long review, but worth the read if you want the truth/facts of Costs) I'm a little late with my review. I was just thinking how grateful I'm that I decided to call Coast 3 years ago. I had been having issues with my air conditioner. Every year it seemed I had to call another company I had used to come back out. My A/C wasn't cooling. It was coolant..expensive coolant. I'm coastal, very end of FV more in HB. But the heat waves were unbearable regardless. After the 6th call to the other comp. Each time it was something expensive. 3 years ago I had enough, I needed to try another company. It's kind of funny, because there was a "Coast" sticker on the side of the inside heater. I really hadn't noticed until I was cleaning out the filter myself. My companion use to always do this. He was not well, so I picked up the job. That's when I saw the "Coast sticker." I called them. I spoke to Mike. I explained my frustration over never being able to get the house A/C cooling enough. I also explained the "other" companies constant reasons. Mike said he would send someone out immediately. A heat wave was coming in a few days. My companion had stg 4 cancer. On a breathing & feeding tube. was his 24/7 care giver, but also not an illness. neither of us were to be exposed to heat by by means, and we could not afford a new A/C. I must admit, I was really scared of what "Coast" would discover, and say. Mike showed up. He introduced himself, showed me his name on his shirt uniform, allowing me to know he indeed was the tech from Coast. a very nice, very kind man, asked how we were doing, what could he do for us. HELP...we need A/C. O did explain the truly importance due to health reasons. He immediately said "now we can't have these conditions for you guys, lets looked at the A/C. He turned it off & on, went back outside look into it again. I asked him...do I need coolant again???? (Every-time the other company came out, they said I was out of coolant, and charge us an arm & leg for it.) Mike said "no..you have plenty of coolant. The problem is your thermostat." (it was 15 yrs old) It's not working correctly, so the A/C is not receiving the correct temps to cool. He replaced it in less that 20 minutes. Cleaned out the filters, water hosed the outside unit. And said..."Let's try it." We turn it on...set it at 74, the A/C comes on...AND It's COOL AIR!!!!!!. Plus, we didn't have to forgo buying our meds to pay for it either! It was answer to prayer , Mike was very professional, but sincere. Wanted to be sure we would be OK during the remainder of the hot summer months. And we were! That God for Coast. But, that's not the end of it. The next year, when we tried to start the air, it wouldn't work. We were sure, we were going to be in trouble. We called Coast. Spoke to James, he remembered us, and sent Mike over again. As soon as Mike showed up, (Ed and I honestly felt like an old friend showed up to see what they could do.) Mike is always so nice, and it's like you've know him forever. Gives you the small town feeling, where you know your Painter, Gardener, Plumbers, Butcher, etc...You know you can completely trust him. (believe me...the other company said we only had 1 choice, to buy a new $8,000 A/C 4 yrs ago.) We wouldn't be able to do this. Anyway, Mike took an immediate listen, and said..it sounds like the motor. He check it out completely. Was there for an hour, said I'm so sorry. ( I though, Oh God...we need a new A/C) Mike said, don't worry, I can save this one. I can get a good motor, it's not expensive, you'll have your A/C back. Once again, in 6 hrs, we had cool air for the remaining 7 months. This year, my neighbor came over. Told me we have a high pitched whining noise coming from A/C. Now the A/C is old. And thanks to Coast, Mike, we've been saved from catastrophic news of no air. ED, nor I can be in heat. Medically!!!! Yes, we called our trusted Coast, I asked James for Mike, he sent him out asap. Mike listened, he looked sad. He didn't want to tell us, the fan was not working. Thus the whirling sound. His fear, the twisted blade would eventually hit the walls, and a disaster could happen. I looked at Mike, he knew how serious this was for us. With this years heat waves so bad. Ed's health in final stages, I tried to hold back tears. There is no way I can afford a new A/C. Mike said...let me see what I can do. That sweet, compassionate man, tried for 2 hours to bend the blades back to a normal working fan. He tries for 7 hrs to make it work. God Bless Him. Finally I knew, we need a new air. Mike said "NO. don't give up hope," let him try a few more things. Mike knew we were facing difficult coming months, and he was going to be sure, Ed and I would be in as much comfort as we could possibly be in during what was ahead for us! Even though this A/C is old, he will find a compatible fan by next day. Next morning Mike shown up. He drove to 4 places as far as 40 miles away looking for the right fan, and thanks to our dear Lord, and his angel warrior Mike...Mike found just the right one he wanted to try. He shows up next day, immediately pulled A/C apart, attached the new fan, put it back together, cleaned the filters, hosed it down, and said lets crank her up. As I turned it on...the beautiful sound (er no sound :) of cool air coming into the house. I can't say how much it cost Coast. I know they went beyond the call of duty. Maybe because Ed was a War Vet, Dying from his Tours in War, or my illness, to which there is no cure, maybe it was his deep compassionate, to help us older couple. We really didn't discuss it to much, he just seem to know. Something wasn't well in our home. But we did have smiling faces, and no complaints, just pure gratefulness! Most of all we have been very blessed to have Coast, & Mike to help me. We had a cool house in the devastating heat. I can't thank Mike, or Coast enough. Since his last visit, Ed had lost his battle with cancer. I'm still battling my disease, but I know if I run into a problem, I can safely call Coast, and Mike will show up, ready to do whatever he can to help. I would refer Coast to my mom...they are like family. As a matter of fact I did. My Mom knew of the Miracle of finding Coast, and Mike. How wonderful & trusting I felt they were. She called me, needing help with her A/C. I called James, he asked me to have her call him, and use my name, he'd helped her, just as he had helped us, so many times. When I asked my Mom how did they do? My 80 yr old mother said, they reminded me of the good days, WHEN YOU KNEW YOU WERE IN GOOD HANDS. GOD BLESS THEM. THEY REALLY HELPED ME...AND AS INEXPENSIVELY AS POSSIBLE. He even gave her his card, and said, call me ANYTIME you might need help. I be sure to come right over and help you Mrs.C. My mom though of him as a member of family, I knew she would. ( We both keep trying to feed them whenever they come to do service, But that's the old school ways...to bad people aren't that way anymore. Anyway, my mom loves them! So much so...the next few days, a when the neighbor needed help with their Heater, my mom told them about Coast, how they helped me...numerous times, saved me so much money, and so she also decided to try them...they came through with flying colors. A Good old fashioned hard working, very knowledge , polite, caring company! Our neighbor took my mom's advice, and called them. After the work on my mom's neighbor, the neighbor came over. and personally thanked my mom for the excellent referral. He didn't believe integrity still existed in the service world, but Coast restored all that. I'm sorry for the long post. But this company deserves the praise. For all the companies out there who are looking to make a buck, rather than truly help people, building a strong base of customers who will happily refer them. Thank you Coast. You've literally made my, Ed's, My Mom's, her neighbor's life so much more comfortable...and without us having to (excuse the pun) drain our pocket books to do the work needed. If your trying to decide one company for Plumbing/Heating & Air. Please give Coast Plumbing try. I promise, you'll be so glad you did. these are the good guys. Thanks James, Mike, all of you...thanks for honestly caring about us as people...not just a job! God Bless.....and again sorry for long post. Hope it helped.
    - Sandie M. Ed A.
    “Once again, the Best!”
    I used your Company way back in 2005 for a water heater replacement. I was impressed then. I used your Company for another water heater today, once again, totally impressed! Chris was phenomenal! Staff communication, on point! Half hour early, an hour less than projected for completion, no mess, and he didn't smell bad! (sorry, had to throw that one in there!) You are my "go to" as plumbers and (not supposed to, but) I'll continue to recommend your Company to my customers as well! (ask Chris) Great job and Thank You!
    - Ed A.
    “Outstanding through the many years!!”
    There isn't a finer group of business folks in the AC / Heater trade than Coast. I've been with them for many years and they still have the same great customer service that they had when I first started with them many years ago. Sincerely, Harley H.
    - Harley H.
    “If you want great service, call Coast Plumbing, Heating & Air!”
    I called on April 26 to have a sink drain cleaned. We scheduled the appointment. The staff said they would call 30 minutes before their arrival and they did just that. The work was done quickly, cleanly, and at a fair price. So happy:) Also, even though I missed the call yesterday, the owner called me to ask about the service! Now that is special in today's fast-paced, impersonal world. Thank you so much.
    - Ron T.
    “I was so happy with the quick response to my plumbing issue.”
    I was so happy with the quick response to my plumbing issue. Jacob came right on time, diagnosed the problem immediately, told me what he was going to do and got right to work. He was courteous, knowledgeable, polite and professional. He was also very considerate about keeping my home free from being soiled. I will be using Coast and asking for Jacob next time I need a plumber.
    - Anne
    “Great Staff!”
    Amazing staff! James called to make the appointment the same day we reported the drain problem in our shower to the HOA. He was extremely courteous and professional, as were the very nice young men who showed up promptly on time the next morning. They solved our drain problem in 10 minutes. Very impressed with this company, will highly recommend them to anyone who has a plumbing problem!
    - Christine
    “Prompt and did a fine job.”
    Jack from Coast plumbing came over to replace our thermostat on our water heater, he was prompt and did a fine job.
    - John B.
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