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Without the proper tools, it's not always easy to determine if you have a leak in your home. As leaks can both taint your water and increase your bills, it's best to call experienced plumbers whenever you suspect that your system has suffered damage.

Coast Plumbing, Heating & Air, Inc. offers leak detection and repair in Fountain Valley and Orange County. We have been performing these and other plumbing services for over 35 years, and have learned how to fix problems quickly and affordably.

Protect your home with routine inspections and leak detection services. Contact us online or at (714) 262-4009 today to request a free, in-home estimate. We always get the job done right the first time.

How Does Leak Detection Work?

Most modern leak detection methods involve the use of an electronic leak detector or an electronic listening device. These devices work using the principles of acoustics to amplify and register the sound of a water leak deep inside your walls or floors, allowing plumbers to pinpoint their location. Water leaks produce sounds of different frequencies depending on their type and the amount of pressure in the leaking pipe.

Once the sound of a leak is registered by the machine, a line tracer system can then be used to determine the exact spot of the leak so it can be promptly addressed.

In other cases, an infrared video camera may be used to detect leaks and other in-line drain and sewer problems. Cameras can allow plumbers to identify the exact locations of pipe breaks, corrosion, blockages, and more.

What Is a Slab Leak?

Exactly as their name suggests, a "slab leak" is a leak that occurs within your home or business' concrete "slab" or foundation. Slab leaks often start small and can go unnoticed for weeks or even months, causing thousands of dollars' worth of damage to a building's structure.

Slab leaks can be caused by:

  • Poorly installed pipes
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Pipe abrasion against surrounding concrete
  • Foundational shifts

Slab Leak Repair in Fountain Valley

Slab leaks often go unnoticed and end up doing severe damage to a home. If your home has concrete floors, keep an eye out for telltale signs of a slab leak.

Signs you have a slab leak include:

  • Cracks in concrete
  • Increased water bills
  • Mildew or mold under carpets
  • Hearing rushing water when water is turned off
  • Standing water around the perimeter of your home
  • Damp or warm spots in your floors

Leaks that occur under concrete can be difficult to notice and even harder to repair. Thankfully, our plumbers are trained to use electronic detectors that can identify exactly where a leak has occurred. Pinpointing exactly where the leak is enables us to repair the specific area, reducing the damage to your home and saving on labor costs.

Protect Your Home & Your Health

Leaks can result in mold growing in your home- which lowers the property's value and can result in health problems. Our plumbers are available 24/7 to provide trustworthy plumbing services. The second you suspect there's a leak in your pipes we will arrive and take care of it as fast as possible.


You can schedule leak detection and repair services in Fountain Valley by calling (714) 262-4009 today.

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