Tips for Maintaining Your Heating System

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Your home's furnace is responsible for heating the inside of your home during the colder months of the year to create a comfortable place where you can reside. The appliance needs routine care and maintenance throughout the year to ensure that it continues to operate efficiently. Here are a few tips for maintaining your heating system to increase its lifespan and avoid potential issues throughout the year.

Reduce the Heating Load

By reducing your heating load in your home, you can maintain your heating system by finding areas where heat is lost on the property. Consider hiring an HVAC technician to detect cracks or holes that may be present during a home energy audit. The professional will use infrared cameras and specialized equipment to determine where issues are present before performing the necessary repairs and sealing up the building. You may need to add weatherstripping to the windows, install extra insulation in the attic, and insulate the ductwork.

Inspect the Blower Motor

The heating system can't work correctly if the blower motor needs to be repaired. The blower motor is responsible for pushing air through the heat exchanger before distributing it throughout the building. The motor is prone to breaking down due to the many parts it contains. If you notice any loud or humming sounds, this could indicate that issues are present, whether with the electrical components or with the parts inside the unit.

Clean or Replace the Filter

A dirty filter can lead to issues with your units functionality and with the quality of air in your home. Not only can it affect the air flow in the building but it can also cause dirt to circulate throughout the house. Make it a point to clean or replace the air filter every few months to improve the operation of the appliance.

With the help of a professional, you can take the necessary steps to improve how well your heater operates during the fall and winter season. Although it may be an investment of your time and money, you can avoid spending more on costly repairs that can occur due to a lack of maintenance.

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