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Alternative Heating Methods for Your Home

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Are you depressed by your heating bill each winter? While electricity costs only seem to be increasing, you do not have to end up with a shockingly high bill each and every month. Through alternative heating sources, you can find cheaper, more efficient ways to provide the warmth you need.

Under-Floor Heating

Radiant underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular due to its cost-efficiency and silent operation. Because heat naturally rises, this system delivers consistent warmth throughout your home.

These systems can installed with either hot water tubing or electric cables that generate heat. You can also hook up solar panels or programmable thermostats to the under-floor heating system, making it even more efficient.

Radiant underfloor heating also solves one of the biggest problems associated with central air systems. Up to 30 percent of warm or cool air is lost before it reaches the vents. Forced air systems can also cause allergens to spread throughout your home. With underfloor heating, you get a quiet, allergen-free source of heat.

In the past, people wrongly believed that this kind of heating system could only be installed when your home was still under construction. Over the last few years, contractors have developed new innovations to retrofit an underfloor system in a current home.

Pellet or Wood Stoves

Wood stoves and fireplaces are an ancient technique for heating the home, but they are still extremely effective. If you want off-the-grid comfort, then a wood stove is the way to go. Wood is also fairly cheap to use. Once you set up a wood stove, fire bricks can help you absorb some of the initial heat and release it slowly throughout the night.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

A geothermal system harnesses stable temperatures below the ground to heat your home.

The earth stays at a fairly constant temperature throughout the year. You only have to dig a few feet into the soil to find a space that always has a stable, neutral temperature. A geothermal heat pump taps into this source to warm up your home. While the initial installation can be costly, you will end up saving significantly on your energy costs.

This kind of system can last for years and years without needing any significant maintenance.

Hybrid Furnaces

A hybrid furnace could be the exact upgrade you need, especially if you live in a fairly mild climate like ours. Hybrid heating systems are known for being reasonably priced. They use electricity as the main heating source, but they also have a secondary source that turns on during a period of excessive demand.

Solar Heating

Depending on your location, your savings may be able to cover the cost of the installation in as little as three to six years. Solar heating and cooling systems basically use the sun's energy through a solar collector, hot water tank or insulated piping. Panels on your roof or a southern wall can absorb the sun's rays. Through this kind of system, you can reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, limit pollution and decrease your electricity costs.

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